The best accidental foods!

            🍪 The best accidental foods!🍪

Thankfully, these people did have one of those days.

"Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days..." Mistakes have a pretty important effect on the world. Especially with food. Lets look at my list of the top 5 accidental foods created. Here we go! 

  • #1 Chocolate chip cookies: Ruth Wakefield was trying to bake chocolate cookies for guests coming to her home but she ran out out of her baker's chocolate. So she threw in broken up pieces of some semi-sweet chocolate thinking it would melt into the batter and make them brown all over, but it stayed its shape and chocolate chip cookies were born! 

  •  #2 Potato chips: Once upon a time there was a chef named George Crum. He worked at a restaurant called Moon Lake Lodge. On this certain day there was a certain picky customer ( But we are glad he was 😃 ). This picky customer wanted fries but the first batch of fries with his meal were too thick, so he sent them back. The second batch of fries that George Crum made were also too thick for this specific customer! Crum was frustrated and really didn't feel like baking another batch of fries for this person so he cut the potato slices as thin as he could, which led to the delicious and of course addicting potato chips! The end.

  •   #3 Popsicle: One day in 1905, there was a forgetful 11 year old boy. He was making a mixture of soda-water powder and water when I'm guessing his mother called him inside or something happened but, he ended up leaving it on his front porch with the mixing stick still inside. When he woke up the next day he woke up to a delightful surprise that he later patented as a "handled, frozen confection or an ice lollipop." From that day forward Popsicles kept growing and became as famous as it is today.

  •   #4 Ice Cream Cones: One day in 1904 there was a very fateful duo at the St. Louis World's Fair. An ice cream vendor named Arnold Fornachou ran out of bowls for his ice cream. He didn't have anything to serve his customers ice cream in. Then a pastry  seller named Ernest A. Hamwi had a great idea to help his fellow vendor. He took a waffle-like pastry and rolled it into a cone and gave it to Fornachou. Fornachou took the cone and put the first legendary scoops inside it and served it to the lucky customer. It was an immediate hit!

  •   #5 Slurpee's: In 1958 there was a owner of Dairy Queen named Omar Kendrick. He was also a forgetful man ( You just gotta love these wonderful forgetful minds ). He would get shipments of soda, but he didnt have a fountain for the soda., so he put them in the freezer. Most of the time though, he forgot them in the freezer and they got partially frozen by the time he remembered. Thankfully though, many customers enjoyed this treat. So much that he invented the ICEE machine for it. 

See accidents are really helpful sometimes. Yay accidents! 

Fun fact: Ketchup was sold in the 1830's as medicine.



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